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Superchargers of Oklahoma City is a Certified Sprintex Dealer based in Oklahoma City, Ok.
12 Monthor 12000 Mile WarrantySprintex Superchargers
Call Us Any Time At(405) 229-0232We Are Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week
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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Had my Sprintex SC for about a year with no issues. Gave me the power I needed to turn those 40's. Bobby Rumpler
I am happy to report that my system now operates probably better than any other supercharger system i have ever driven. My hat goes off to the entire Sprintex team for providing an awesome product for a very underpowered engine. Todd J. Pineau
My jeep actually drives like it should. Paul Madison
Awesome company! Glad you guys got a stateside facility now. George Bernhardt

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Superchargers Of Oklahoma City - Certified Sprintex Dealer

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